Sam Alden

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here’s a never-before-published comic i did from 2011

there’s kinda a reason i don’t do sex comics….

-Thomas Glowicki


How most mouths feel about twizzlers


-Thomas Glowicki (me)



Surreal Animated GIFs by Henrique Lima

Henrique Lima aka Gringo lives in São Paulo, Brazil and likes to draw.

Pacolli business card


Jonny Negron's comic for the bilingual comics anthology Gang Bang Bong 2, published in México DF, 2011.


Medusa  //  Dw 2014


Urs Fischer, Good Smell Makeup Tree, 2000

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Hey gang they have some great zines and are friendly to boot. 

There is my rad friend Eric back there. I went on this rad trip and the only pictures I took on it was in front of Barnes and Nobel. Oh well. This whole submitting of my work and looking for creative partners in crime isn’t going super great.

Anyone interested in a book/zine related collaboration with me? Or perhaps someone that knows a good independent publisher of artsy books. -Thomas Glowicki

-Thomas Glowicki